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How to Quit a Job

One of the hardest parts of the job change is giving notice to one’s current employer. Here’s a video of how Phil the barista gave notice to his bosses in an unforgettable way:

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Sam Shank: The 5 People You Should Never Hire

All Five Marx Brothers

All five Marx Brothers: Groucho, Chico, Harpo, Zeppo & Gummo.

CEO Sam Shank is hiring for his company, HotelTonight. In the spirit of NotJobs, Sam penned an article for the LinkedIn series How I Hire which he titled, “The 5 People You Should Never Hire.” Regular NotJobs readers (and our lone subscriber) shouldn’t be surprised at his list of the untouchables:

  1. The One Who Hasn’t Used Your Product
  2. The One With the Typo
  3. The One With the Out-of-Date LinkedIn Profile
  4. The One Who’s Inappropriate on Twitter
  5. The One Who Isn’t Motivated to Do Great Things

Shank has a good idea of what he IS looking for, which includes enthusiasm, passion, energy, pragmatism, intelligence, and thoughtfulness. Those are the qualities that will make his enterprise grow.

The entire article (which is highly recommended) is here:

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‘I Would Be Absolutely Perfect For This,’ Report 1,400 People Looking At Same Job Posting

The Onion nails it with a story that all recruiters will believe about the number of perfect applicants for a marketing job at Swensen Digital:

‘I Would Be Absolutely Perfect For This,’ Report 1,400 People Looking At Same Job Posting

SAN FRANCISCO—Upon coming across the same job posting Monday for a full-time position at a local startup company, an estimated 1,400 people reportedly described the opening as “a perfect fit” for their qualifications, saying it was exactly the opportunity they’ve been waiting for. “I have all the skills they want, my experience matches up—I honestly don’t know if there’s anyone out there better suited for this job than me,” said unemployed man Charles Duncan, echoing the sentiments of 1,400 others, 900 of whom believe their facility with social media and knowledge of web design will definitely make their application “stand out from the rest of the pack.”

See the video or the full text story to see how it worked out.

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Great CTRN Conference!

Today was the 3rd Annual PowerBoost 2012 Conference, sponsored by the Colorado Talent Recruitment Network (CTRN). Tony Bengtson and the CTRN crew did a great job lining up a powerful roster of speakers: Bryan Johanson from The Adler Group; Laura Stoker from AIRS; Tom Steele from Jobs2Web; and Tony Blake, Vice President of People Services at Davita. Sessions included employment branding, metrics, social media, and the art of recruiting. A great day of training, and a great day of networking.

Thanks, CTRN!

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Key Words are Important in LinkedIn Profiles

Donna Shannon has a great article on the importance of having good keywords in your LinkedIn profile. Here’s a sample:

LinkedIn profiles have a lot of flexibility.  Within the Summary section, there is a prompt to list “Specialties.”  This is an excellent area to list your skills, in key words that employers are using.  Having these qualities early in the profile will show recruiters your relevance right away.

See the whole article here!

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NotJobs: How NOT to get a job with Twitter

Cisco Fatty Original PostLast week, a young, tech savvy 20-something named Connor Riley posted this snarky Tweet on Twitter. Cisco employees noticed and called her on it. The incident blew up into an internet meme tagged “Cisco Fatty“. Lately, Ms. Riley has been on MSNBC trying to explain how dumb her action was.

Keyinfluencer Tweet

Back in January, James Andrews, an executive VP from Ketchum PR, tweeted about how horrible he found Memphis (above). Andrews was in town to speak at FedEx, a company headquartered in Memphis. A FedEx employee found the tweet, and sent it to Vice Presidents, Directors and the management at Ketchum. Andrews ended up having to apologize.

The moral here is – don’t be stupid in public. Also – don’t say anything in a social media forum that Social media can give you your fifteen minutes of fame. Just make sure that you get famous for the right things. Just as Kevin Colvin found out, there is no privacy on the Internet.

Here is a roundup of these stories – Cisco Fatty:

Key Influencer in Memphis:

On that note: Check out this view of the “Twouble with Twitters

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NotJobs: How NOT to Get a Job via Social Networking

A few weeks ago, I found an old high school acquaintance on LinkedIn. Shortly after my invitation was accepted, she sent a blizzard of requests for introductions and job search help. No complaints there – as a recruiter in this economy, I’m used to getting asked to help with job searches. But it was glaringly obvious that my acquaintance  had not even read the profiles of the people targeted by her introduction requests.

I’m pretty strict when it comes to people using my LinkedIn network. My philosophy on LinkedIn is that introductions have to make us both look good. My bar is pretty high, which helps me keep my connections from a lot of spurious traffic. I know that this is different than other people’s introduction philosophy. So when this intro blizzard arrived, I explained my philosophy and recommended she make a few changes her introductions.

I wish I had been able to point her to Scott Hepburn’s posting on the Media Emerging Blog about How NOT to Get a Job via Social Networking. Scott makes five points on how to use these tools to wreck your job search:

  • Blank/Incomplete Profile
  • “I Need a Job” Bio
  • Connect But Don’t Engage
  • Asking for Referrals Before You’ve Earned Them
  • No Blog (Or Other “Content Central”)

Scott has some great tips on how to deal with these issues. Check them out here. He’s also asking for your thoughts on Twitter.

BTW: My new LinkedIn connection didn’t take me up on my suggestions.

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