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“I want to become a big billing recruiter!”

Peter I Heyer shared this cartoon with the crowd at the CTRN PowerBoost conference yesterday. A Day at the Recruiter Factory will look familiar to those of us who’ve done third-party recruiting. This video is 2:47:

“Do you ever work past 5:00PM?”
“I have to leave right at five because that is the end of the work day. Plus, I belong to a bowling league and that is a priority for me.”

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NotJobs: How Not To Nail An Interview

Steinar Skipsness describes himself as “a 27 year old Seattle native who doesn’t drink coffee.” Skipsness consults on search engine marketing, but seems to be looking for new employment. To help his chances, he taped mock interviews with some unsuspecting candidates.  I’m not sure I agree with his ethics, but his conclusions are strong.

Skipsness offers his 22 tips on “How to Nail an Interview.” His site contains a number of video snippets which support his points. As shown in the video above, some of his examples better demonstrate how NOT to get a job.

IMHO, his top ten tips are:

3. Be on time
4. Cell phone off
5. Know the company, and why you want to work there
8. Dress in a clean conservative manner
9. [Facebook & MySpace] Profiles to private
11. Don’t babble
12. Don’t badmouth a boss
14. Don’t play with your face/hair
19. Have accomplishments
20. Have passion

Take a look at all 22 tips on his web page:

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How Not to be an Intern

Kevin Colvin forgot the first rule of the 21st Century: “Your privacy is an illusion.”


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Facebook vs. LinkedIn: Which is better for business?

Today’s issue of ComputerWorld asks the question:
Which is better for business,
Facebook or LinkedIn.

ComputerWorld (CW) looked at six different areas, comparing both tools for business networking.

LinkedIn Facebook

CW called it a tie, which IMHO shows their bias. Here’s my analysis, which is at least as unbiased as theirs:

Topic CW TCB
1. Look for a job without your boss knowing Tie LI
2. Find information about a job you’re interviewing for LI LI
3. Find a contract worker for a three-month Web project FB Tie
4. Solicit ideas and discussion from team members FB FB
5. Get feedback on a nasty IT problem from peers outside your company LI LI
6. Keep track of former associates Tie LI

A few notes:
1. Find job – Facebook’s lack of privacy and security are well known problems that CW didn’t even address. Plus, Facebook ties your search to Jobster, which is a huge negative in my book.
2. Find information – Facebook only allows users to research certain areas, and is known for editing profiles to remove vital information like titles.
6. Track associates – ComputerWorld seems to assume that all of us are college kids. Okay – I’m over 40, and can only find a few of my friends and associates on Facebook. However, I can find plenty of my friend’s children on Facebook!

I liked what Chad D. said in the comments:

As far as Facebook. It’s a “social” network. Why do people continue to try and make it anything but what it is? Do I really want my brand and professional reputation within arms length of teenagers poking, biting and tagging? Stop trying to force a round peg into a square hole. Let Facebook be what it is… a virtual playground.

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Carousel of LinkedIn postings

LinkedIn rolled out a new interface this past weekend, which means it is time for a bunch of horded LinkedIn links. I’d call this a Carnival of LinkedIn, except that I’m the only one posting. A small part of a carnival is that round rotating structure with the oscillating beasts: A Carousel! Here’s my LinkedIn carousel for 03 March 2008:

The description Scott found is great:

What really cracked me up, though, was this description of LinkedIn:

      It’s like Facebook, except with fewer piercings.


Thumbnail images of the Elitch Gardens Carousel in Denver courtesy of Dr. Richard Gardner’s Philadelphia Toboggan Company Carousels page. Thanks, Doc! Click these to see the best carousel in the West!

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My Core Ideas

1. "I can't tell you the best way to get a job - because there is no one best way. After 21 years of recruiting, I CAN share things I've seen candidates do to guarantee they DIDN'T get the job."

2. "Most companies don't realize how their recruiting process impacts their candidate pool, and their business. Attention to simple things will result in big improvements."

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