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NotJobs: I’m Clearly the Best Candidate!

Suzanna Lucas, The Evil HR Lady, is one of my favorites. Earlier, she wrote the perfect takedown of an applicant with an entitlement attitude: I’m Clearly the Best Candidate–So Why Am I Not Getting the Job?

To start the discussion, the applicant ponders:

I heard that 85% of the time it’s not the most qualified candidate that gets the job.  I’m still searching for that 15% job.

I’m doing something wrong in the interviews.  I’ve been a finalist a few times now but not gotten the job.  Sadly, I used to be good at interviewing.

Anyways, if nothing else you could tell me a couple of great subject lines to use.

The Evil HR Lady responds:

A great couple of lines will not get you a job.  Neither will the idea that you’re not getting the job because hiring managers hire the less qualified person 85% of the time.  And, if there’s ever been a made up statistic, that’s one of them.

To be honest, as long as no one is lying on their resume (and that is a big caveat), that by the time you’ve made it through the resume screen and the phone screen, all candidates being interviewed could do the job and are qualified.  It’s doubtful any recruiter or hiring manager is saying, “Gee I need an accountant who is experienced in Hedge funds.  So, let’s bring in this guy who has experience and 3 other people who don’t have a clue about that area!”  Nope.  All the people interviewing will have the necessary experience.

You said you used to be good at interviewing, but now you are not.  May I gently suggest that you probably have never been spectacularly good at interviewing, but have been in situations where there were fewer qualified candidates to choose from.

It’s the market…

See the Evil HR Lady’s article here:

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How NOT to Get a Job: Be a Jerk!

This blog has quoted Evil HR Lady Susan Lucas a few times. Recently, she posted more great wisdom about the job searching process. She has observed that some people are (dare we say it?) less than polite:

I got an e-mail today asking a generic question about why the writer could get interviews, but was unable to land the job. When you send me an e-mail, you get an auto response:

Thanks for your e-mail. Unfortunately, I cannot answer all of the questions I receive.  If I do answer your question, I will send you an e-mail.

Everyone, including the Nigerian Princesses and the people from the British Lottery gets this e-mail.  Most people, I presume, think, “Oh, that makes sense.  I hope she answers my question.”

But, not this person.  Instead I got the following response (from the candidate):


Ahh, to be screamed at by someone who wants me to do her a favor.  Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.  Doesn’t it have that same effect on  you?  In fact, I suspect my e-mail inbox will soon be overflowing with requests for this woman’s contact information so you can offer her a job.  Just think, she can do sales for you.  “I WANT YOU TO BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!!! MAKE IT A PRIORITY!”  Your clients will love her.

But, because I’m nice, I’ll answer the original question:  You’re not getting the job because you’re a self-entitled jerk.

Now, there are lots of people who are able to get the interview, but not able to land a job who are not jerks.  They either need to work on their interview skills or have just been having a run of bad luck.  But, I suspect that if you’re willing to be pushy and obnoxious to me, you’re willing to do the same to other people.

EXACTLY! (Pardon the caps!)

Time to consider the First Law of NotJobs: Interview behavior is best behavior.

One of the first questions we ask as hiring managers and recruiters is, “Can I work with you?” If that question is answered satisfactorily, we’re happy to invite you participate further in the hiring process. If you are rude, or if you act like a jerk, you kill your chance of having a successful job search.

The Evil HR Lady goes on to list seven tips about How Not to be a Jerk. The first one should be familiar to longtime NotJobs readers:

  • Be rude or dismissive to the front desk person.

This is something I’ve mentioned before: Beware the Receptionist Test.

So – the lessons here are many. If you don’t want to get a job, be a jerk.

Find the Evil HR Lady here: The full article is Check out the whole article, and the comments.

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Evil HR Lady on "We’re in a Hiring Slowdown"

I’ve not met the Evil HR Lady, but it looks like we’ve worked together. She just posted a perfect riff on what happens behind the scenes when the candidate is told “We’re in a Hiring Slowdown“. Here’s a short excerpt:

Here’s how the hiring process should go:

1. Manager decides there is a vacancy
2. Recruiter does what it takes to bring in several qualified candidates
3. Manager and friends interview candidates
4. Decision is made
5. New person accepts fabulous offer
6. Person starts job–total time, start to finish 4-6 weeks.

Here’s how it ends up going many times.

1. Manager decides that there is a vacancy.
2. Recruiter starts looking for qualified candidates.
3. Boss disagrees. “Even though Jane left, you can do the work without another headcount. I’m transferring your headcount over to Heidi’s department.
4. Recruiter sets up several appointments with qualified candidates
5. Manager says, “Ummm, I may be losing the headcount, but let’s interview anyway.”
6. Recruiter cringes, but goes forward.
7. First interviews happen
8. Boss finds out and is livid. Massive political nightmare ensues.

Check out her full posting for what happens with steps 9 through 22. The comments are good too.

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