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Is Your Employee Referral Program as Good as This?

Ephraim Salaam refers Chester Pitts to the coach of the San Diego State Aztecs. Pitts attended the California Academy of Mathematics and Science, which doesn’t have a football program.

This results in Pitts getting drafted in the second round, while Salaam didn’t get drafted until the seventh. This past season they were the starting left Tackle and left Guard for the Houston Texas.

I love the interview questions:
“What do you play?”
“I play the oboe.”

Does your company’s employee referral program screen people like Pitt in or out?

For more details, see the Sports Illustrated article: Pair of Texans reminisce at filming of Super Bowl ad.

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NotJobs: Über on How Not to Get a Job at Apple

Over at Über, Adam Guttentag details his plot to network his way to a job at Apple Computer:

You know you’ve thought about it. You go out of your way to drive past the building on your way to work every day. For thirty minutes each morning, you feel like you work there as you wait in traffic with actual Apple employees before you head to your un-magical office park.

Most people take the conventional route of applying for an open position. This, however, does not work. Apple knows there are millions of crazed zealots around the world who dream of life in a Windows-free office (aside from their cubicles). So the company makes things more challenging. Apple only hires people who know Apple employees. So how do you meet an Apple employee? That’s the tricky part.

At first I tried hanging out at the Donut Wheel across the street.

Hilarity ensues. See the whole thing for the results.

As a recovering Macintosh fanatic (I once had charge of every Mac in the US Bureau of Mines) and former Apple junkie (I insisted that my bride and I drive by the Apple HQ in Cupertino on our honeymoon), I know where Adam is coming from.

At least he’s trying to “Think Different“!

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My Core Ideas

1. "I can't tell you the best way to get a job - because there is no one best way. After 21 years of recruiting, I CAN share things I've seen candidates do to guarantee they DIDN'T get the job."

2. "Most companies don't realize how their recruiting process impacts their candidate pool, and their business. Attention to simple things will result in big improvements."

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