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I Don’t Know Who You Are‏

One of the most joyful recruiters I’ve worked with, Iris Cahall shared this image on LinkedIn yesterday. It is too true to not pass on.

I will find you

The real question the job hunter should ask is, “Can the people who want to hire me even find me?”

Thanks for the tip, Iris!



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Trap Doors: One Way to Recruit

This video from Barclays is more of a branding effort than a recruitment video, but it highlights some creative “recruiting” methods used to get A Players.

If only it were this easy. (The video is 1:00.)

Sometimes the most amazing things can escape your attention. Suppose we told you that there’s a financial company that’s quietly snapping up some of the world’s top graduates. A company that is taking some of the most innovative minds the academic and financial worlds have to offer. A company that is using their talents to become one of the fastest growing investment banks – without most people noticing. “Ridiculous”, you’d probably say, “Such a company can’t fly under my radar. I would know about it”

Good job, Barclays!

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The Origin of Job Interviews

From the Armstrong and Miller Show:

Interview question: “Where you see yourself in fifty moons time?”
Interview answer: “Hunting… maybe gathering.”

It going to be long day people!

Thanks to Max for the tip!

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LinkedIn & the Spirit of the Day

The folks at LinkedIn are having a whee of a time for April Fool’s Day. Here are the “People You May Know” connection suggestions that came up for me today:

I love the subhead on Professor Heisenberg’s profile! One notices that half of these suggestions are British, two are German and two are Americans.

The profile for Mr. Hood of Nottingham, England is extraordinarily amusing:

I’m a bit concerned about the negative number of connections. One would hope to see connections to John Little, William “Will” Scarlett, Much Millerson, Friar Tuck, O.F.M.Cap. and Richard “Rex” Plantagenet.

The profile of Mr. Holmes of London is also amusing:

Of course, Mr. Holmes has a LinkedIn Recommendation from a Dr. John Watson, M.D., also of London:

So – A big shout out to the Wizard of In, or whoever at LinkedIn put this together. Thanks!

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My Core Ideas

1. "I can't tell you the best way to get a job - because there is no one best way. After 21 years of recruiting, I CAN share things I've seen candidates do to guarantee they DIDN'T get the job."

2. "Most companies don't realize how their recruiting process impacts their candidate pool, and their business. Attention to simple things will result in big improvements."

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Troy Bettinger, SPHR is a Denver Recruiter, Public Speaker, HR Metrics Analyst and Human Resources Leader who has been recruiting in corporate and municipal environments since 1991.

He specializes in the complete hiring process: defining, sourcing, recruiting, testing, interviewing, offering and orienting new hires. He's also well versed in strategic human resources, college recruiting, diversity recruiting, AAP, EEO, ATS integration, recruiting metrics, social media, recruiting leadership, training and employment branding.


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