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6 Reasons Why You Didn’t Get The Job

Marc Cenedella, founder of TheLadders, has an article in BusinessInsider where he pretends to interview a manager about her reasons for NOT hiring candidates. Cenedella must get a volume of feedback from his clients, and he passes on some of the tips he’s learned. In this article, Cenedella focuses on the items that candidates can control: application, resume, and interview.

Cenedella frames his article as a discussion between a hiring manager and a reporter:

Reasons from the boss:

  1. I never saw your resume.
  2. I didn’t understand why you were applying for my job.
  3. It is not crystal clear to me as to why you want to fill the role
  4. Your resume didn’t grab me.
  5. The interview was a nice chat.
  6. You never said you wanted this job.

What “Betty Boss” says about point #2 is classic:

It’s rather easy in the internet era to hit “apply” and submit your credentials, but far too often, I have no idea why you think you’d be a good fit. If the job lists “CPA a must” and you don’t have a CPA, or the job description makes it clear that it’s a sales manager role, and you’ve only been an individual contributor, why are you wasting my time and yours?

This is the “Overly Optimistic Candidate Effect”, where hope and technology combine to miss reality.

Cenedella includes a bonus point:

  • I heard back from somebody else first.

But then we got to the part where we were interested in discussing an offer and you slowed to a snail’s pace in your responsiveness, while another candidate didn’t.

He networked his way in, had two of my colleagues call me, and followed up with a gracious, but deadly effective, thank-you note. He also returned my HR person’s calls the same day so we were able to move much more quickly with him.

I heard from you that you had a couple other interesting opportunities that you were certain were going to come through, and that’s why you slowed things down here. It’s entirely understandable.

But you have to understand that I have a business to run, and the gentleman who seemed more enthusiastic and did more legwork while you were hoping to land your dream job is the gentleman who is now employed here.

See the full article here:

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Please do not apply (Actual Ad)

This is brilliant!

McCOOK GLASS & MIRROR INC. is looking for hard working experienced employees that possess responsiblity and are reliable.

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NotJobs: Hack Marriott computers, extort company for job

Over on the NetworkWorld site, cybercrime reporter Michael Cooney provides details on How Not to Get a Job with a major international hotel chain: hack into their computers, then extort HR for a job:

The Department of Justice today said a man who sent malicious code to Marriott International Corporation, threatening to reveal confidential information taken from the company’s computers if Marriott did not offer him a job, has been sent to prison for his criminal endeavor.

Attila Nemeth, 26, a Hungarian citizen, was sentenced to 30 months in prison and three years of supervised release.

According to the DOJ, court documents show on Nov. 11, 2010, Nemeth emailed Marriott personnel, telling them he had been accessing Marriott’s computers for months and had obtained proprietary information. Nemeth threatened to reveal this information if Marriott did not give him a job maintaining the company’s computers.

Of course, one can see that this is going to end badly. The candidate (Nemeth) continued to think he was the smartest one in the process. The Greeks had a word for that: hubris.

Nemeth was not the smartest one in the process:

Without Nemeth’s knowledge on Nov. 18, 2010, Marriott created a fictitious Marriott employee that it then let the U.S. Secret Service use in an undercover operation to communicate with Nemeth. Nemeth, believing he was communicating with Marriott human resources personnel, continued to call and email the undercover agent, and demanded a job with Marriott in order to prevent the public release of the Marriott documents. Nemeth emailed a copy of his Hungarian passport as identification and offered to travel to the United States, the DOJ stated.

We can picture Nemeth’s messages to the fake HR rep, “Have the decision-makers seen my proposal? Are they going to talk to me? Can I provide any more information? When will they make their decision? Why is this taking so long? You Human Resources types are all incompetent!”

The complete story is here:

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Trap Doors: One Way to Recruit

This video from Barclays is more of a branding effort than a recruitment video, but it highlights some creative “recruiting” methods used to get A Players.

If only it were this easy. (The video is 1:00.)

Sometimes the most amazing things can escape your attention. Suppose we told you that there’s a financial company that’s quietly snapping up some of the world’s top graduates. A company that is taking some of the most innovative minds the academic and financial worlds have to offer. A company that is using their talents to become one of the fastest growing investment banks – without most people noticing. “Ridiculous”, you’d probably say, “Such a company can’t fly under my radar. I would know about it”

Good job, Barclays!

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How Not to Get a Job in PR (or other fields)

PR Expert Harry Hoover has some feedback for job seekers based on the submissions he’s been seeing:

If the resumes and emails I receive are any indication, neither your parents nor your teachers taught you how to properly look for a job. I frequently receive notes to my email address that are addressed “To Whom It May Concern”, or “Hiring Manager”, or even “Please pass this along to the appropriate person.” I guess since YOU are the one looking for a job, that I am supposed to help YOU find it. Because YOU are special. Your Baby Boomer parents have been telling YOU this all of your life, so it must be true.

It’s not. Welcome to the real world.

If you are looking for a PR job, it’s YOUR JOB to find it. You should have had intro to journalism at some point in your college career. Unless, of course, liberal educators have removed all job-related courses from the curriculum. But that is another posting.

From your journalism courses, you should know how to do a modicum of research to find out the proper person responsible for hiring. In 20 seconds on my website, my eight-year-old grandson could discover the name of a real person and also determine that My Creative Team doesn’t have employees, only freelancers.

And if you are going to be working with journalists, you need to know how to customize your story pitches. “To Whom It May Concern” sure gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling. I’m sure a reporter would love to receive that in an email pitch.

Nowadays, tools like LinkedIn and ZoomInfo make the research much easier than back in the early ‘Oughts, when all we had was Google.

Hoover closes with specific suggestions:

Now, here’s a little more unsolicited advice. If you want to stand out from the crowd of job seekers, it is not hard. Send a letter and resume via snail mail. Address it to a real person that you have done a little research on. Include some references about the person’s history or career in your letter. If you really want a job, show why you should have it. Trust me, it is easy to separate yourself from the crowd. At least, based on my experience.

Sound advice from someone who sees a lot of paper.

See the full article from Mr. Hoover here:

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World’s Worst Recruiter

This cartoon is an example of what can happen if the Time to Hire metric is more important than the Quality of Hire metric. The video is 2:00:

“Did you ask her about her past?”
“It didn’t seem relevant at the time. What’s important is that I filled the job really fast.”


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An Actual Cover Letter (unedited)

It pays to be careful with your cover letter. Included below is an actual and complete text of a cover letter received a while back by a recruiter friend who does not work for a school district or educational concern. Only the names have been changed to protect the guilty.

Don’t do this.

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is FIRSTNAME LASTNAME and I am an educator with 15 years experience. I have experience as a Spanish Translator, a Tutor and an ESL Assistant. I have lived, worked and studied in Spain , Honduras , Guatemala , Ecuador and Mexico . My passions are education, working with students/children of all ages/grades and languages. I have an very compassionate, bubbly and outgoing personality. I would be an great access to your school district.

Thank you,


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