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2 September 2010 at 8:54PM Leave a comment

Clare Cady at Little Bear, Big Sky has post about How Not to Get a Job. First, she lists her hiring credentials:

i can’t put a number on the amount of interviews i’ve done in these 9 years, but i’d wager its well into the high hundreds.

Cady then lists some wisdom based on some of her interview encounters. Here are a few of them (capitalization per the original):

  • though its nice that you have hobbies, i don’t think that ‘adult magazine collector’ is something you want to advertise to your future employer – unless you are applying to work for larry flint. i am not larry flint – i am less lecherous and female.
  • i also don’t recommend including history about your past lives in your cover letter. it’s great that you were a medicine woman two lives ago, but i think things have changed a bit since then.
  • bursting into tears in a phone interview because i gave you some constructive feedback does not bode well for your ability to take direction.
  • i do not recommend printing your resume and cover letter in rainbow font. it does not make you look creative and outside the box. it makes you look like a crazed LSD freak.
  • please do not include the names of your kids in your cover letter. its nice you are a parent, but jimmy, joey, johnny, joshie and susan are not coming to work with me. i can learn about them later as i am sure you are going to come in with three cardboard boxes filled with pictures, art projects, and their baby scrapbooks.
  • coming to an interview stoned and smelling of pot is a great way to get a job at a head shop. btw – i would never work at a head shop.
  • punctuation, is nice only, when; put in the right – places.
  • when i interview you on the phone, i don’t appreciate it if you ask me what i am wearing. though in this situation the person was not trying to come on to me, it was still creepy.
  • when writing a cover letter please AVOID highlighting things using ALL CAPS. i don’t like it when people shout at me even in print.
  • if you must put a picture on your resume please do not make it one of you in a bathing suit.

See the whole article here:


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