NotJobs: How NOT to get that attorney job

30 March 2009 at 9:07AM Leave a comment

But then I realized that I was not applying to a stuffy ass federal prosecutor or corporate law job…

Thanks to Eagle I On-line, here are some humorous examples of bad cover letter text from aspiring lawyers. Susan Gainen at University of Minnesota Law School’s Career & Professional Development Blog published these actual errors from last year’s job seekers:

  1. Trial advocacy and the defense of the indignant are the two primary forces behind my study of the law.
  2. I would appreciate an opportunity to discuss my qualifications and how foregoing a relationship would be mutually beneficial.
  3. If assiduousness and passion were candy, then I would leave you with a mouthful of cavities.
  4. My anal retentiveness to minute details is quite possibly one of my greatest strengths, not withstanding my sense of humor.
  5. As an inspiring defense attorney, I am particularly interested in working with the Public Defender Service.

She also notes that one shouldn’t walk in to the Hiring Partner’s office and say “I’d like to work here for a couple of years and then decide what I really want to do.”

See the whole sordid mess here.


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